Drupti Glowinkowski


My name is Drupti Glowinkowski, I’m married, and have 2 wonderful boys. Life stays quite busy for us, so at times work and life balance can be a bit of a juggling act. I’m a firm believer that you have to carve out the time to do things that fill your bucket. Lucky for me that the same as my work.

I’m so excited to share my passion for beauty, healthy skincare habits and my journey into a more balanced healthy lifestyle. I am an avid runner, but not always that great when it comes to my eating habits.

So my blog will be as much about helping others as it will be a process for me for personal growth and better lifestyle habits. This comes at a perfect time as I’m revamping my website and heading into 2017 shortly.





I highly recommend Drupti for her makeup skills. She has a light touch and can give you an amazing look depending on whether you want something for everyday or something more dramatic. Either way Drupti will enhance your best features to ensure you look your best!
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