What’s On Your Agenda Today?

by | 'May 1, 2020' | Makeup | 0 comments

What’s On The Agenda For Today? 

Other than hanging at home, distance learning, and endless meal prep! For me, it’s filling up my May calendar with zoom makeovers, helping my new team members successfully launch, and creating video tutorials for IGTV, followed by Netflix binges, to celebrate surviving another day! 

Even with a full list of tings that I could work on, I’m finding it really hard to stay focused and on task. You see I really miss my friends and that human connection. This whole lock down and social distancing has made me realize just how much my tribe, besties….. what ever you label it as really keeps me going.

They are my lifeline and feed my passions and joys. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying more time with my family, but the routines that kept us going are all gone and forging new habits and routines are difficult, specially when you’re used to being around people. 

Checking the boxes of my to-do list is what’s making me feel productive, while making the effort to get dressed and put on makeup makes me feel human.

What are you working on?

For the month of May I am booking complimentary Zoom makeovers, let me help you brighten up your day with some easy quarantine makeup looks, this is the perfect time to learn something new and pickup some new tips and tricks. Comment below and let me know if daytime or evening is better for you.

Here is a link to a to a recent my STAY AT HOME DATE NIGHT LOOK how to Video.

I’ve got you! If I can be of service to you, please reach out.



Drupti Glowinkowski